• You are studying a foreign language and it seems like a chaos of rules and exceptions
  • You are full of scrappy knowledge of what you've learned and watched but it's more like a pile of things in your attic
  • You have started learning a language many times but then gave up
  • You want to learn a foreign language but you don't have enough time
  • You want to move to a new level instead of repeating the same phrases you've already learned
  • You used to know the language well but have forgotten everything
  • You follow a lot of bloggers, read posts and articles about words and phrases but can't fit them into a system
  • You think you have to learn everything at first and only then start speaking, because otherwise people would just laugh at you
Then you should join GLAGOL.
Why do GLAGOL students achieve good results?
The information is presented logically and systematically,
which makes it easier to remember and reduces the stress when learning something new.
Actual and psychological support from your supervisors,
individual explanations, control and comments.
Understanding and tracking the language patterns,
which helps to find the right decision in a new situation.
Deep knowledge,
which will help you to learn other languages using different methods.
Focus on yourself:
We speak about ourselves, solve our problems, share our impressions and express our emotions in a foreign language.
The programs contain the most necessary information,
only those things that you can use from the very first day: modern grammar and time resistant vocabulary.
AT GLAGOL you can learn languages

We start speaking from the first class. You get all the necessary knowledge that will help you to begin communicating with natives after 3 weeks of classes.

We work using tables and diagrams. It's easier to remember new information when it is structured and coherent.

Languages have tools that help to learn it quickly and remember for a long time. You will obtain all these tools.

A language is a system with its own patterns and trends. What's important is not just learning the language but understanding it and getting to know its patterns.
Iryna Arlova
Founder of the courses, teacher
* The Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University, specialist in Oriental and African Studies '12
* National Research University Higher School of Economics, specialist in medieval history '20
* Lecturer at the Francotheque Cultural Center
* Languages: English, French, German, Arabic
Opinions of our students
If you are looking for a talented and enthusiastic teacher and, by a fortuitous coincidence, also a wonderful person, then you should choose Ira! She's a sympathetic person who can easily guess your mood and make the class not only effective but also pleasant. She explains everything patiently and in detail, so it will be easy to understand even if you are a little slow on the uptake. Ira is willing to gain the student's interest so, if necessary, she will carefully choose the forms of studying that suit you personally. Ira will thoroughly explain the grammar of any level as well as different language peculiarities. She will also find some cool songs with slang words, recommend a TV series in the original language or practice speaking which seems just like an everyday chat. You will also get a relevant list of words to learn. Each class is always a step forward since her main goal is her students' progress. Thanks to Ira you understand that a new language opens up so many opportunities and it's just fun.
Anastasia Rybalkina
Iryna, I want to thank you for your professionalism, patience and your sense of humor! All of this helps you to create wonderful atmosphere for your classes. Before I came here, I've already had similar experience. I had individual and group classes. I want to say that you are the perfect teacher of French that I've been looking for. It's not boring, it's exciting and every students gets enough attention! What else you need to continue learning when you're 47?!)

Thank you! You are wonderful! I'll see you again in our classes!)
Sofia Vysotskaya
I'm so happy to tell you about my collaboration with Iryna who helped me to learn French which I need for my professional activities. I was really glad to meet a great professional who loves her work so much and is willing to show students the whole richness of a foreign language through understanding the history, culture, literature and art of the country the language of which we need to learn. This method requires an open-minded teacher of great learning who can work with huge amounts of various information. For students, the process of learning becomes a pleasant discovery: there is no boring theory and the laws and rules of textbooks help to fulfil a deeper and more interesting task. Tactfulness, sensitivity, flexibility, accuracy, great knowledge, keenness, creativity, clear presentation, enthusiasm, constant search for individual solutions, this is a combination of qualities that deeply impressed me in our collaboration. To be precise, it is not a combination of qualities, but a style, her own pedagogical and creative style that has developed as a result of working on herself for a long time, reflecting on teaching activities and gaining extensive practical experience.
Elena Tarasova
I strongly recommend Iryna as a professional and highly motivated French teacher. Her approach to learning involves a well-structured and really effective teaching method, the ability to explain the logic of a language structure so that it's easy to understand, taking into account the specific aspects of how different students perceive information. As a result, you can learn a surprisingly large amount of information in a short time and quickly overcome the language barrier. At the same time, Irina also takes into account the goals of language learning of each student and focuses on things that are interesting for them. I am pleasantly surprised by my progress in learning French.
Vitaly Asabin
I liked Iryna not only because of her approach, but also because of her personal qualities. You know like they say, this is my kind of person. That's what I can say about Iryna. She was "my" teacher. I really liked the learning process itself which was planned correctly and did not raise any questions. What's more, the process was also correctly structured from the point of view of group communication. Each person had time to say something on a suggested topic, so I never felt like I didn't have enough time to speak or didn't get enough attention. Every lesson was interesting. Irina also adapted the lessons to the topics that we chose. If we were going on a trip, she gave us the necessary vocabulary and discussed the chosen topics with us.
And, what's most important, no matter what language I have tried learning before, my problem has always been that I couldn't "loosen" my tongue. I could not just start talking to strangers in the street or ask them a question. And now I can do it and, moreover, people understand me and continue talking to me. So thank you Iryna for everything that you've done for me!
Polina Mishina
I totally agree with the previous opinions on Iryna's professionalism and personal qualities. I will add that for me the results were also important, now I'm not afraid to make mistakes and I find pleasure in how I can speak now. And I know and believe that I will speak and understand even better, because that's my goal in learning the language. And what's also significant, people who studied with me were nice and interesting. I remember all of them, I'm sending them my best and all success and I'll see you at Iryna's courses! à bientôt:)
Marina Anisimova
How do the courses at GLAGOL work?
All the courses at Glagol are intensive and highly informative.

The courses are short so that, on the one hand, you will always stay active, and, on the other hand, you can take a break if necessary.

You don't buy one 6-month course, like for a fitness club, which you join at first and then go on holiday/on a business trip/feel tired/have some urgent matters, and you start missing and neglecting your classes.

The courses follow each other one by one. You can study them in order, you can take breaks, and you can also take a course more than once if necessary.
At GLAGOL you assemble your program like an erector set.

You can study English, French and German at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

For example, you've decided to learn French.

The program looks like this:
A course for beginners
A course for intermediate students
A course for advanced students
The objective of each course is to provide a logical and coherent image of a language, to build its "framework" to put words, exercises, books, films and anything you like on it later on.

If you understand how the language works, new knowledge will sink in easily and stay there for a long time.

After the course you will no longer think that a foreign language is just a heap of rules, exceptions and strange words. You will see that it is a logical and very friendly system.
I will gladly answer all your questions via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. You can sign up for classes using the button below or by contacting me in any other way.

WhatsApp/Telegram: +1 (347) 765-42-23
Adress: 147 Prince St. Brooklyn NY 11201
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